Brazan: A movie that will keep you guessing.

” What if she had a secret life.” That seems to be one of the questions at the center of Netflix newest movie, Brazan. In the movie, Alyssa Milano stars as Grace, a popular mystery writer, who one day receives a call from her sister Kathleen ( Emilie Ulerup). Kathleen is the struggling sister. SheContinue reading “Brazan: A movie that will keep you guessing.”

Movie Review: WW82

Wonder Woman first movie made a made an excellent introduction worthy of introducing one of the few female heroes we have on the big screen. In the first Wonder Woman, we watch the origins of the Diana Prince as she is raised on the island of Themiscarya. When pilot Steve Trevor washes up on theContinue reading “Movie Review: WW82”

Movie Review: Monster Hunter

Videogame movies can be a real hit and miss. Sure you have recent films like Detective Pikachu, and Sonic. Than you have films like Dwayne Johnson version of Doom that where not so successfully. In my opinion the Monster Hunter movie falls in with the latter. I don’t really have a high opinion of thisContinue reading “Movie Review: Monster Hunter”