Book Review: Jack Reacher ” The Killing Floor”

It has been a long time since I’ve done a book review for my blog. Lately, I’ve started reaching the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child. I am only hallways through ” The Killing Floor,” and I am already a fan of Jack Reacher. Lee Child has managed to create a interesting character, former militaryContinue reading “Book Review: Jack Reacher ” The Killing Floor””

Sharks with Wings? Species of Winged Shark Discovered.

I love the idea of unusual creatures being out there. Since most of the fiction books I love reading revolve around creatures such as Bigfoot, Jersey, and all those cryptids I thought I would talk about the recent discovery of a shark that has wings! That, and it has been a while since I postedContinue reading “Sharks with Wings? Species of Winged Shark Discovered.”

Review: Superman and Lois

He is known as the man of steel. He is known to stop bullets, fly like a plane, and lift buildings. He has faced some of the toughest bad guys in the DC Universe such as Zodd, Braniac, and Darkseid. His girlfreind can be described as a tough ass reporter. This couple is known asContinue reading “Review: Superman and Lois”

The Flash Season Review: Last Season Abrupt Ending Means New Beginnings in Season 7

Last Season on the CW hit tv series, The Flash, came to a very abrupt and unresolved ending due to Covid 19. Covid had halted the production of the entire Arrowverse ensemble, leaving each season short a couple of episodes. This left fans anticipating what would happen next season, and how The Flash would adaptContinue reading “The Flash Season Review: Last Season Abrupt Ending Means New Beginnings in Season 7”

Falcon and the Winter soldier

The last time Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes where seen together was at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Endgame was the end of the current version of the avengers team, and the beggining of the next phase of marvel films. At the end of the movie original Captain America Steve Rogers travelled back in timeContinue reading “Falcon and the Winter soldier”

Batwoman Returns!

Another year, and another season of Arrowverse shows come to the forefront. Last year, with the covid pandemic, alot of Arrowverse shows got axed early. This will change plans for how shows like Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Legends go forward with their current seasons. One way that Batwoman is changing is that Kate Kane hasContinue reading “Batwoman Returns!”

Book Review: Montuak Monster by Hunter Shea

As I was gazing the reviews on good reads to find inspiration for this blog post, I spotted one blog post about a weird creature that washed ashore in 2008. It the creature looked like some sort deformed monstrosity that could have mish mash of creatures. It was as if it was made in oneContinue reading “Book Review: Montuak Monster by Hunter Shea”

Green Arrow And the Canaries is Axed

As anyone who has been watching the Arrowverse should know, the entire tv universe of DC heroes started with the Green Arrow. Oliver Queen became stranded on the island of Liam Yu, returned home, became a vigilante known as the hood, killed a bunch of bad guys, reconciled with family and friends, and stopped aContinue reading “Green Arrow And the Canaries is Axed”