When you hear his chainsaw, start screaming: Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a worthwhile slasher.

I know I am late about posting this. It is just that it is easy to get lazy when it comes to posting on a blog. That is why this post is a couple of days overdue. Last Friday, Netflix came out with a soft reboot to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre centers on four youths who are looking to develop an abandoned town into a place where young people can escape violence and start anew. This comes sometime after one of the youths is involved in a school shooting. Things eventually go bad though, and there is a lot of hacked up bodies that start to pile up.

The interesting thing about the movie is how it touches on the touchy subject of gun violence. There have been other tv shows and movies that touch on this subject, but many of them are bias. They either choose to be pro-gun, or anti-gun. In the beginning of the film, we see our four main characters Melody, Lila, Dante, and Ruth are filling up on gas when they see Richter pull up in his gas guzzling truck. Melody first comment when she sees Richter gun is ” What kind of guy has such a small dick that he needs to walk around with a gun.” This is solidifying the groups stance on guns, but that might change by the end of this film. We soon learn that Lila is the sole survivor of a school shooting that has left her traumatized. Later we see Lila in Richter garage. She sees his AR style rifle on a workbench, and is curious, or maybe afraid of it. Richter, after making sure the gun is empty, lets Lila handle the gun. She than tells Richter about her experience. Later on, when Leatherface returns to town, Richter cocks his handgun and starts acting like a bad ass. He bravely stands up to Leatherface using his gun and some fighting skills. Unfortunately, things do not end well for this character, and I was rooting for the guy.

One of my favorites scenes from the movie is when Leatherface walks into the party bus. The partiers hold up their phones to film Leatherface, instead of running. One guy even says, ” make a move bro and be cancelled.” The look on that guy face when the chainsaw starts buzzing is priceless! I do feel like this movie was on the short end and could have gone on a few minutes longer. This could have allowed more backstory for characters like Dante or Ruth.

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