New Book: Snallygaster

Ok recently my new book Snallygaster is out. ‘

Some people keep secrets

Nina Papez was once a rising star, until her career was flushed down the toilet. She now is forced to make rent by working as a waitress. Ashamed of her flailing career, Nina has kept her situation a secret from everyone, including her family.

When her Uncle Hector ask her to fly out to Maryland to help him with his sheep farm, Nina worries about what her uncle would think of her if he ever found out about her failed career. Nina will soon find out that some secrets are worse than others

Some Secrets Will Kill

Something has been lurking in the woods surrounding Little River for years. When this secret decides to make itself known, it brings bodies and destruction with it. Nina and various the various characters of Little River will son find out that some secrets are not meant to be kept.

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