Brazan: A movie that will keep you guessing.

” What if she had a secret life.” That seems to be one of the questions at the center of Netflix newest movie, Brazan.

In the movie, Alyssa Milano stars as Grace, a popular mystery writer, who one day receives a call from her sister Kathleen ( Emilie Ulerup). Kathleen is the struggling sister. She is recovering from former bad decisions she had made in her life. On top of that, she is in the middle of a custody battle for her son against her ex husband whom she has evidence of stealing funds from his job. Kathleen also has a job teaching at a private school, where she is beloved by the students. While staying at her sister, Grace meets Kathleen handsome neighbor Ed ( Sam Page) who also turns out to be a detective. Grace discovers that everything is not as it seems when she finds her sister dead. Discovering that her sister had a secret side hustle going on, Grace delves into her sister life in order to find a ruthless killer who is not done killing yet.

Milano did a great job in her role as Grace. It felt refreshing to see a mystery writer take a shot at solving a real mystery. As part of the job, writers have to get inside the killer head, recreate crimes, and learn all they can about how murders are solved in order to ad realism to their stories. This is why a mystery writer as a character makes for a great detective. Milano brought emotion to the Grace character, making Grace seem like a determined person who never gives up. She and Sam Page did a great job of bring the complex romance between mystery writer and detective to life.

While the movie plot was interesting, it did have a culprit that turned out to be predictable right from the beginning, and a motive that is cliché. Neither of these things have any real effect on the films ending though.

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