Reminder that Spiderman: No Way Home is coming out tommorrow

Hey everyone who is looking at this blog post. I just wanted to remind everyone that the worldwide release of Spiderman: No Way Home is tomorrow, and from what I heard online tickets where sizzling just as much as an electrical shock from Electro himself.

No Way Home takes place right after the events of Far From Home, where Mysterio revealed to the world Peter Parker was Spiderman. Some time has passed, and the reveal of Peter’s alter ego has had some unfavorable repercussions for him and anyone else close to him. In an effort to make things normal, Peter asks Dr. Strange to rewind time so that way everyone forgot Peter Parker is spiderman. Things do not go as planned. A hole in the multiverse is ripped open, and Green Goblin ( William Defoe) and Doc Oc ( Alfred Molina) are the first villains to come through. Now spiderman and friends have to find these visitors from another dimension. In the famous words of Benedict Cumburbatch ” Let’s Scooby Doo this Shit!”

See the source image
Spiderman vs a team up of his greatest foes.

I also want to mention that Tobey Macquire and Andrew Garfield’s version of Spiderman will also appear, but I got no clue what role they will play. I have heard that there will be a possibility that both of those characters’ arcs will be getting some closure.

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