Ghostbuster Afterlife: New Ghostbusters for the new generation.

Back in the 1980s, an all-new movie called Ghostbusters was released. The original film consisted of four gentlemen who went around busting ghosts. They carried around high-tech traps, ghost-catching guns, slid down firepoles, and drove a hearse as a company vehicle. The film, despite having practically no plot, would go one to produce sequels and a disappointing reboot in 2016

Fast forward years later, the Ghostbusters live on. The new film is not a reboot, but a continuation of the first film set years after the first Ghostbusters film. In this movie, the Ghostbusters have become forgotten. Original Ghostbuster member, eccentric scientist Egon Spangler, has passed away and left his old farmhouse to his relatives. Egon’s estranged daughter Callie moves her and her kids Phoebe and Trevor into the farmhouse, located in the small town of Summerville Oregon. Strange stuff starts happening around town, and it is all connected to the town’s old mine and why Egon had disappeared all those years ago.

Mckenna Grace plays Phoebe. Phoebe is an real nerdy adolescent who is awkward and smart. For those people who watched the original ghostbusters, it will not take long to see why she is Egon Spangler niece. While she may be very smart, she not too good at connecting with people on a social level. Even her former father never connect with her. Phoebe strangeness is a cause of tension between her and her mom Callie. Phoebe does end up befriending fellow student Podcast, and her teacher Gary Grooberson. Mackenna does an excellent job playing this odd, but well developed character.

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Finn Wolfhard plays Phoebe brother Trevor. Trevor is just an average teenage boy. Unlike Phoebe, he does not possess above average intelligence. Trevor, throughout the film, goes through different scenarios that a teenage boy goes through. He developes a crush on local girl Lucky, and goes for a joyride in the old ghostbuster hearse from the original movie.

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Carrie Coon plays Egon’s estranged daughter Callie. Callie is a struggling, single mom who ends up inheriting Egon old farmhouse. She drives her kids to Summerville, hoping to sell the house. Unforutnaley, she soon learns that not only did Egon leave her with mountains of debt, but the house is worthless. So now she and he kids move into the old house. Callie has her own struggles. Egon had left her at a very early age, her former husband had left her, she worries about Phoebe, and she is broke. Callie relationship is the main story arc for her character in the movie. Her character changes more toward the end, when she has a revelation about her father and sees Phoebe in action.

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Paul Rudd plays Gary Grooberson, Phoebe summer school teacher who is also a seismologist. He is not that excited about teaching public middle school students, and instead places them in front of a TV and puts on classic horror movies for them to watch. He is also a original ghostbusters fan, and immediately recognizes an old ghosbusters trap when Podcasts and Phobe bring one to school. He is enamored by Callie, and accepting of Phoebe.

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Logan Kim plays Phobe classmate and friend Podcast. He is called podcasts, because he is always getting material for his podcast, even though it only has one subscriber. His character serves as the comic relief in the film.

Celeste O’ Connor plays Lucky. She is Trevor crush, and co worker. In the film is described as being 17 years old.

The film also gets an appearance from the original ghostbusters crew, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Ernie Hudson.

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