A new generation of pony

I want to let everyone in on a little secret. I like the My Little Pony Tv series. I thin My Little Pony, Freindship is Magic was an excellent tv series that is all around entertaining. It is something that little girls could enjoy. Older adults could enjoy it too if they don’t take it too seriously. The series central themes focused on freindship, and being kind to other. That is why I would love to talk about Netflix My Little Pony, A New Generation.

A New Generation takes place years after Friendship is Magic. What Twilight Spark and the rest of the gang accomplice in Friendship is Magic is now nothing more than a legend. Friendship has been replaced by fear and paranoia. Equestria has been divided up to three different faction of pony, earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorn. Each of these ponies inhabit their own, separate kingdom. Everyone of the kingdoms believe false rumors about each other, furthering the fear and paranoia that separates them. Things are about to change when a unicorn named Izzy wonders into the town of Maretime Bay, and befriends a pony named Sunny. Together the two of them set off on a quest that will change Equestria current state.

Sunny is the first of the new ponies the film introduces. Sunny hopes to make her and her recently deceased father Argyle dreams of having everypony get along come true. She remains optimistic that everypony is capable of change, and is constantly trying to unite all of pony kind. This makes her an outcast in her hometown Maretime Bay. She is also really good at rollerscating

Hitch is the sheriff of Maretime Bay, and Sunny best and only freind. Hitch takes his role as Sheriff seriously. He believes that he needs to protect Maretime Bay from every threat, which includes pegasi and unicorns. He is the town hero type. He cares about Sunny, but their friendship is put into question when Sunny runs off with a unicorn named Izzy.

Izzy, a unicorn who has lost her magic, wondered into Maretime Bay one day. She is like this generation version of Pinkie Pie. She is just a silly character. Like Sunny, she just wants to be friends with everyone.

Pipp is the daughter of Queen Haven, and princess of Zephyre heights. She is a pop star, who loves to sing. Unlike Zipp, she is the one most likely to go along with whatever her mom, Queen Haven, wants to do.

Zipp is the opposite of her sister Pipp. While she is Queen Haven other daughter and a princess of Zephyre Heights, she has a more rebellious nature. She is athletic, and acts like her own personal spy. She is more willing to help Sunny and Izzy in their quest.

The film is excellent, and is suppose to be followed by an animated series. This is a film that mirrors all the fear, paranoia, mistrust, corruption, and chaos that is plaguing the world today. In a time where fear, paranoia, and lies are everywhere, this movie brings magic back into the world.

Make sure you check out My Little Pony: A New Generation now streaming on Netflix.

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