Book Review: Kill Creek by Schott Thomas

In the countryside of Kansas is a house. The house is known as Kill Creek. Once owned by the Finch sisters, the house has been abandoned for years. Now, someone is about to enter the house again. Four horror novelist, each masters of their craft, are invited by billionaire entrepreneur Wainwright to spend a couple nights inside the Finch sister home. It is all part of one of Wainwright well known publicity stunts. What starts off as a simple event. Anyone who entered Kill Creek is stalked by an old evil that wants to make them part of the bloody legacy of Kill Creek.

In this chilling, suspenseful, and scary novel, we’re introduced to a variety of characters. Sam Carver, a writer who is haunted by events in his life. T.C Moore, a character that is a powerful female character who is against letting any guys tell her what to do. Sebastian Cole, the oldest of the writers and more of an ancient relic among the new stars. Daniel Slaughter, a writer with a family whose stories have a connection to Christian religion. Each of these characters start of interesting, and become even more so as they face the evil that is trapped in Kill Creek. As the books comes to a close, each character is forced to face events in their own lives.

Scott Thomas does an excellent job of bringing the scenes to life. From the moment the character enters the Kill Creek house, it is easy to paint a picture of what is going on. From describing the old house, to describing the dreadful sound of a wheelchair creaking, Scott’s description of events allow for the reader to become immersed in the scenery. This is what truly makes Kill Creek a story worth reading.

There are moments where Kill Creek kind of lulls. In the first half of the book, Scott manages to build up suspense. This suspense does dip a bit in the middle. Also the book does feel long, which will not reside well with anyone who likes a fast read. Luckily the suspension picks right up as soon as the characters are forced to enter Kill Creek again. The suspense builds as the evil in the house becomes even more dangerous when the characters return a second time.

Kill Creek is one of those stories that is not justified if you simply say it is scary. With a book that evokes alot of feeling of grief and horror, readers must read the book in order to truly understand what makes Kill Creek scary. Scott Thomas is like a new age Stephen King. Like his characters, he is a master of his craft. Kill Creek is for readers who readers who like suspension, haunted houses, and a good horror survival story with lots of twist.

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