Great News, I just got my first review

So a couple of days ago I paid to get my book The Clan ( Urban Terror #1) by Steven Hamling. I got to say as of Sept 5th, I have got my first ever editorial review. I am so excited! Here is the review

Title: The Clan
Author: Steven Hamling
Genre: Thrillers / Suspense / Horror

The Clan is a horror novel that brings us deep into the forest of Cedarwoods, Alaska,
where a creature lurks. Hunting, camping, and lodging are common in the woods, but
when people begin showing up mauled by an especially vicious “bear”, suspicions begin
to arise. As the characters realize that this creature, whatever it is, is hunting with a
purpose, it’s a group effort to figure out what it is and how to stop it for good.
The Clan’s first chapter comes straight out of a classic horror movie: two teenagers
pitch a tent in the dark woods, without a care in the world when a mysterious bear-like
creature attacks them. Including more captivating descriptions and sensory details in
this first chapter could’ve started off the book with an even greater impact, helping to
launch readers into this unexpected story.
The creature, the novel’s main antagonist, is a unique monster—not exactly Hamling’s
own creation—but it is a well-known mythical creature that isn’t often used in horror
novels. Because of this, the storyline feels fresh and intriguing to read. Though there is
suspense and tension that builds throughout the book, it is ultimately the slasher
elements that make this a stand-out novel.
The creature has its own point of view in the book, so there are several sections
throughout the novel that include its perspective of the events happening. Unfortunately,
we were left desiring more from this perspective simply because it didn’t dive deep
enough to develop the creature’s characterization. This could have been an opportunity
to give the creature personalities, relationships, and showcase their interpersonal
dynamics and communication. Though this is an interesting concept, the creature’s
narrative voice needed to be more fleshed out in order for it to work well within the story.
There is a laundry list of characters in this book—all of them are related to each other or
connected to each other—which may take readers some time to adjust to. Because
there are many characters, not all of them have fully developed characterizations.

Pretty good right? If you are interested in my book check it out on amazon kindle.

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