Book Review: The Last Journalist, An Alex Vane Thriller.

I recently had the pleasure of enjoying a book that gave me enough thrills that it made me want to read the rest of the books in the series. The Last Journalist, is the last of the Alex Vane series, and a good ending at that.

What the book is about

In the final book in the Alex Vane series, Alex old college professor Holden is supposedly killed. What follows is more journalist dying. As Alex, and fellow journalist Shannon race to uncover the truth Alex discovers stuff about his old college professor that makes him question his entire journalist career. Will they discover the truth, or will they become a serial killers next target

My thoughts on the book. ( Warning: Will Contain SPOILERS!)”

What did I think of the book. I really liked the book. Alex is a character that is both a good husband, and a fantastic journalist. In today world, where people seem to be reading less than they did years ago, he proves that it is still possible to make a living from writing. There was also the moral struggle, which took center of the story. In the world, people pay attention to every bit of information they’re fed by the media. Sometimes what we get fed by the media isn’t the truth. The news can blur the line between truth and lies.

My favorite character in the story had to be Shannon. She is a sharp, driven reporter who aims to get the whole picture about a story. She owns her own small, independent, news blog that is not as successful as Alex own news buisiness. She is so focused that she is even willing to go against the police in some cases. This can also be her own foil, because in the book she is shown to distrust the police, and was willing to withhold evidence from them. Shannon is an example of a small person taking steps against a much bigger world.

What I did not like about the book was that one of the subplots did have a kind of weak ending. It spent much of the book building up suspense, that it would have been better sticking to the trajectory it was going. Instead, the plot ending was like the plot itself just dropped off the edge. It had nothing to do with the central plot of the story. In some cases that would have been ok, but the subplot had some potential that was left be desired.

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