Will you hop on Disney Jungle Cruise?

Disney has a new movie coming out this July 30th. Disney Jungle Cruise will feature the acting talents of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. The movie is based off of Dinsey ride with the same name. Johnson will portray riverboat captain Frank Wolf. If you pay close to the movie trailer, you’ll notice that Frank is not a realistic adventure straight away in the film. As the trailer points out, Frank capatains a boat that acts like a tourist trap. Frank has a bunch of staged incidents along his riverboat tour that are designed to wow the audiences.

Emily Blunt plays Lily Houghton, a scientist who is looking for the tree of life. She hires Wolf to help her, and her brother Macgregor Houghton, into the jungle to find the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life is a plant with healing purposes that could be used to upgrade modern medicine. Things will not be easy as the trio is met with carnivorous wild animals and and a competing expedition that wants to badly get its hands on the Tree of Life. The movie was met with favorite reviews during its first screening.

Will you be embarking on the Jungle Cruise this July 30th?

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