The Forever Purge: Will it be worth seeing?

I am just going to out right say it. Ever since covid hit, the entire nation has been more fucked than it normally was. Sure before covid hit there was still violence, poverty, price inflation, unemployment spikes, and my personal one to hate, obesity. Just to be clear, I do not have anything against fat people. Being fat is either a choice, or it is part of some bigger problem. We should all respect people for what they look like. Back to the blog post, the world is in a form of chaos, and this movie will end up coming out at just the right time. The purge, a successful horror franchise, will rise with The Forever Purge.

In the movie, series creator James DeMonaco will be showing us a world in utter chaos, but unlike the other films in the franchise, the purge time limit will be extended. As anyone who knows anything about the Purge films, the movies explore what would happen if all crime was legal. For one night a year, all crime is legal. There is no emergency services, and people can kill as they please. Everyone bunkers down during this time of year, and prays that they will survive. This stupid, idiotic idea was founded by a political party known as The Founding Fathers. Funny how that mirrors our real world issues right? Politics and dummies in power causing problems for the rest of us!

Who will survive the SPOILERS that are coming your way? The movie takes place after Purge: Election Year. New President Charlie Roan was suppose to veto the purge night indefinitely. Unfortunately, purge night returns do to shifts in the political powers. Certain parties got reinstated, America is now even more divided, and as you guessed it the purge is back. The film takes place along the Texas – Mexico boarder. Adela( Ana del la Reguera) and her lover Juan ( Tenoch Huerta) flee Mexico for a better life in America. They wind up working for the Tuckers, a wealthy ranch family. Demanco says ” the film ask is the dream still alive?” He is referring to the American dream of wealth and peace. In these times of uncertainty, the American dreams seems further out of reach. Add the purge to it, and you have to wonder if you will be alive to achieve the dream. For a moment, this seems possible for Adela and Juan when they survive their first purge night. Their relief is only for a moment though. An underground faction who want the purge to last longer reveals themselves. Now, in a race for the Mexican border, Juan, Adela, and the Tucker Clan must work together to survive the onslaught of violence.

After some delays due to the covid outbreak, the film is finally set to be released this upcoming July 2. Get ready to hunker down, and be safe, and remember when the purge will be coming.

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