Bizarre Science: Studying snakes could tell us how to move across impossible surface.

Snakes are more than just slimy, slithering creatures that would give people nightmares. There ability to slither across different surfaces has been an interest of study in the field of robotics. According to an article on SYFY Wire, chemist Tobias Weidner of the Max Planck Institute has been studying the surface chemistry of snake scales. His study revealed that not only are snake scales designed to be able to help a snake slither in different environments, but are also covered in lipids that give snakes an extra slither. These lipids reduce wear and tear as the snake moves across a surface The lipids act as a lube which helps the snakes to move on various surfaces. Snake scales can vary depending on the area the snake is living in. The ventral scales, the scales found on the underbelly of a snake, will have lipids with molecules in order because those scales rub against the surface more. Meanwhile, the lipids on the back of a snake with have less organized molecules because the back is rubbed the least. This is because most species of snake do not need as much protection on their backs.

Want to learn more about snake movement, look at the video below.

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