Movie Review: The weirdest family takes on the robot apocalypse in Mitchells vs The Machines

Families are not perfect. They are not like a well oiled machine that does your bidding. They’re not like a dating app where you get to swipe left at the ones you hate, and swipe right on the ones you like. Families can be complicated, they can fight, make you want to tear your hair out, but in the end you love them or hate them. Family is not perfect, and that is the theme explored in the movie The Mitchells vs Machines.

(Spoilers) The movie begins with a young Katie Mitchell presenting her classmates with a home movie she made. Her classmates laugh at the movie, making Katie feel embarrassed. Katie reveals that she was always an outsider. She was the weird kid that never fit in with anyone in high school. Her own parents do not get her. The only friend she had was her weird brother Aaron, but he had his own brand of weird going for him. Katie gets accepted to a California film school. She is excited, but her Dad Mitch worries Katie will not be able to take care of herself by following dream of being a director. Katie compares her Dad to the videos of a screaming bonobo

After talking with Linda, Mitch decides to personally drive Katie to college with the rest of the family. A one last family trip before Katie goes to college type of thing. This is an attempt to make things better between him and Katie. Unfortunately, nothing really goes right for the Mitchells. During the trip, a program named PAL decides to take over all the machines, and send all humans away after creator Marcus ditches her for an upgraded program.

What did I think of this movie. I think it is a well rounded, family type of film with a mixture of both comedy and action. What other movies show the heroes fighting off renegade furbies? The acting was pretty good. Especially loved Danny Mcbride playing Rick Mitchell. Then movie sets out to remind everyone that families come with all types of pros and flaws.

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