Sharks with Wings? Species of Winged Shark Discovered.

I love the idea of unusual creatures being out there. Since most of the fiction books I love reading revolve around creatures such as Bigfoot, Jersey, and all those cryptids I thought I would talk about the recent discovery of a shark that has wings! That, and it has been a while since I posted something involving interesting science.

According to the Science Daily, 93 million years ago winged sharks swam in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. These sharks where characterized by fins that looked like wings, just like a manta rays. Like tiger sharks, and whale sharks, it had a caudal thin with a well developed superior lobe. These fins, according to Syfy Wire, show that these winglike fins had evolved independently in different, filer feeding species. This shark also had a short head with a indistinct snout and wide mouth. Features like the fins gave it similarities manta rays. Science is classifying this shark as part of a species of eagle sharks.

Eagle Sharks lived in the Cretaceous Oceans. These sharks where not predatory by nature, and like the Whale Shark was a plankton feeder. Researchers believe these sharks where slow swimmers.

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