My ebook ” The Clan” is on Amazon

My very first ebook ” The Clan” the first in an series of books I like to call urban terror is on Amazon!


They live in the forest

Five years ago, Cyrus Feeble had lost his wife Sara. Since then he has become estranged from his teenage son Tim. In an effort to restore their relationship, Cyrus decides to take Tim on his yearly elk hunting trip with his hunting buddies. The two of them head out into the Alaskan Wilderness, not knowing what is going to happen.

They have been watching us

Miller Stone and his family are on vacation. They had been offered a cabin by one Miller clients. The Stone family is also having issues. With Miller only daughter Kim wanting to follow in the footsteps of her disgraced Uncle Chuck, there is friction between Miller and his daughter. Not to mention that Miller wife Ann has invited Chuck along on the trip, someone Miller does not want to have anything to do with. Not only that, but as soon as the family arrives at the cabin they find out that they’re sharing it with a group of hunters

They Want Revenge

Something has been watching them all since they got to the cabin. It all starts when one of the hunters bags the find of a century. Soon monsters converge on the cabin, with a bloodlust for revenge. The two different groups will have to put aside their troubles if they want to get out of the woods alive.

If you are interested, find it at

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