Review: Superman and Lois

He is known as the man of steel. He is known to stop bullets, fly like a plane, and lift buildings. He has faced some of the toughest bad guys in the DC Universe such as Zodd, Braniac, and Darkseid. His girlfreind can be described as a tough ass reporter. This couple is known as Superman and Lois. In the new CW tv series, this couple takes on a new and interesting adventure. Being working class parents, and raising two children

Tyler Hoechlin superman first appeared in supergirl. During supergirl first season, he only made fleeting cameo appearances and did not make his first in person appearance until later on in the series. Lois would show up much later. With supergirl coming to an end after season 6, now is the perfect time for a Superman series.

In this series, we see Superman and Lois trying their best to raise their two sons Jordan and John. John is the dream child. He is popular, and throws a football like the star quarterback. Jordan can be described as the underdog of the two. He suffers from social anxiety, and is an outcast. Jordan and Clark aka Superman have a strained relationship. This is due to the fact that Clark struggles to balance fatherhood with being a hero. Sounds like he would have benefited from taking advice from Black Lightning/ Jefferson Jackson. Since this is a Superman show, it is going to be centered on the main hero.

SPOILERS! Ok so the series has a great opening. Superman saves the day after he is contacted by Sam Lang about a near nuclear meltdown. Turns out the meltdown was caused by a man made crack in the side of the reactor. Superman does a superhero stunt by breaking off a massive chunk of iceberg, and bringing it into the center of the nuclear reactor. This cools the reactor back down to normal levels. Later on in the episode we find out Clark mom Martha has passed away. Since they’re raising two kids, Lois and Superman could have really used her help. Clark, Lois and the kids head to smallville to settle a few things. Their they meet some old freinds. Lana Lang Cushing and her husband Kyle. Lana is loan officer, and former friend of Clark. Kyle Cushing is the fire chief in town who does not immediately welcome the newcomers. Sara Cushing is the Cushing daughter who the kent sons met during a summer they spent at the Kent farm. Jordan immediately gets a Crush on Sara. Sara and the boys head into the barn to try and turn on the Wi Fi router. This ends in some heavy metal pipes falling on the boys. When the boys come out unscathed, CLark and Lois suspect one or both of the boys has powers. Clark and Lois begin to wonder if they should tell the boys their dad is Superman.

Later on Superman gets another call about a another nuclear meltdown. Turns out to be a set up by the man who made the crack in the first reactor. This guy is sporting a halo armor and fights superman. He and Superman take the fight to space, where he uses a shard of kryptonite to stab superman and send him plummeting to earth. This nearly kills Superman. This guy is later to revealed to be Captain Luthor, a Lex Luthor from an alternate universe that apparently has a evil superman. Lex was a soldier fighting the evil superman alongside alternant Sam Lane. Evil Superman kills alternant Sam Lane, which is the main motivation behind why Captain Luthor is wanting Superman dead.

Captain Luthor

The boys adjustment to smallville has been a little rough. Jordan still struggles with his anxiety, and John had to move away from his girlfriend, and leave behind Metropolis football team. After the incident with the pipe, and finding out about Clark being superman, things do not get much easier. Things change during a party when Jordan tries to kiss Sara. This makes him a target of Sara boyfriend, a member of Smallville high school football team. Things turn into a brawl when John steps in to stand up to for his brother. Things end with Jordan accidentally shooting laser beams from his eyes. Now, you’d think since Jordan found out that he is the one getting powers that things would get better for him. Wrong! After a trip to the fortress of solitude reveals he that because of his human DNA, he is not going to have all of superman abilities. This upsets Jordan. On John side of things, he is being bullied by the football team. The team did not give him a playbook to study the plays for football practice, and he is teased by everyone. The boys have a fight but make up. Jordan thanks his brother for sticking up for him for all these years.

Lois life is changing two when she decides to write a story about Morgan Edge, and why he is buying up the town. Morgan Edge had bought up small town property before, giving people more jobs but at below a live able pay. She tries to prove that Morgan Edge is up to no good, which puts her at odds with Kyle Cushing. After Morgan Edge has her article rewritten, because he own the Daily Planet the paper where Lois works, Lois gains some fire she had lost long ago. She quits the Daily Planet, and goes to work for Smallville local newspaper.

There are some things the show left me questioning. Luthor left Sam Lane a necklace with superman symbol on it. On the back it read the word hell. So will Sam end up siding with Luthor toward the end of the series. Maybe Sam Lane will end up being the true villain for the season, and Captain Luthor will have a change of heart once he sees how good prime earth superman is. Where is Jordan and his superpowers story arc going? Also, are we heading toward an Injustice like event in the Arrowverse?

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