The Flash Season Review: Last Season Abrupt Ending Means New Beginnings in Season 7

Last Season on the CW hit tv series, The Flash, came to a very abrupt and unresolved ending due to Covid 19. Covid had halted the production of the entire Arrowverse ensemble, leaving each season short a couple of episodes. This left fans anticipating what would happen next season, and how The Flash would adapt since it left season 6 unfinished.

( SPOILERS) Ok, to start out this Season of the Flash there are some things fan will notice. One is that characters like Ralph, Cisco, and Kaitlynn are currently MIA. Kaitlynn is with her mom, Ralph is protecting his current love interest, and Cisco is on an around the world trip. Hard to remeber any exact details since it feels like it has been so long since season six. The seconds is Barry awakening from a deep sleep by Chester P Runk, better known as Chunk. Chunk wakes up Flash once one of team Flash satellites picks up on shard fragments that show where the current timeline Mirror Master, Eva McCulloch is. Eva shows up at a Black Hole Warehouse where she encounters two rogue members, Sam Scudder and Rosalynn Dillon. She kills Sam Scudder. Rosalynn is left crying over her loss, but turns out to be faking it and is revealed to be the real brains of the rogues duo.

See the source image
See the source image

In the Mirrorverse, Iris is still trying to get out. She sees illusions of herself. Past images that keep on saying that her mind is cracked and that she is going insane. Iris does not believe this, but she is definitely not going to come out of the mirrorverse the same as when she had came in that is for sure.

The last interesting story we see is what happens to Nash. Nash had been the Wells that had freed the anti monitor, was force to play the role of Pariah and watch the multiverse be destroyed, and soon was left with particles from all the other Wells where left in his head. So now he can speak to and see all the former Wells. So there are appearances from Harry, Sherloque, and H.R. It is revealed that Nash has to make a sacrifice for the Flash to get his speed back. I will not reveal what that sacrifice is. Nash is reluctant and tries to find another way, which leads to particles from the other wells getting transferred to Barry. This gives Barry brain an overload of brainwave activity, which once his speed runs out because of all the speed force his super healing is using to keep him alive, will kill Barry. Since this is a superhero show, Nash comes around in the end. All the Wells have a moment with Barry, especially Harry. Harry says ” I came to your dumb earth a broken man. You made me better,” I am paraphasing of course, but it was moving. This all happens just in time for The Flash to get back his speed, and stop a bomb that is flying over Central City. I will say, season 7 is off to a good start

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