Batwoman Returns!

Another year, and another season of Arrowverse shows come to the forefront. Last year, with the covid pandemic, alot of Arrowverse shows got axed early. This will change plans for how shows like Flash, Batwoman, Supergirl, and Legends go forward with their current seasons. One way that Batwoman is changing is that Kate Kane has left the show, so new batwoman Ryan Wilder will be stepping up.

Ryan Wilder was, to me, was described as being a more of a free spirited type of person. Unlike Kate, she is a homeless woman who stumbles upon the abandoned batwoman suit. Ryan personality will be different from Kate’s because Ryan will be more comedic. According to, she is to get her own version of the batsuit too.

All the characters will have different reaction from Kate leaving. Alice, who was the season 1 big bad, had been plotting revenge against her sister. She does not get that revenge, and decides to take her anger out on the newest batwoman. Mary has lost the sister she longed to have, Sophie lost her former love and best freind, and Luke lost his freind. Everyone will be processing the lost differently.

With a new season comes a new bad guys. Serial killer Victor Zsaasz is suppose to be making an appearance. The main villain for the second season is suppose to be Black Mask and the false face society. In the comics, Black Mask is Ronin Sionis. Ronin was born into a wealthy family, whoc cared more about their social status than their own son. Ronin was on the verge of losing his comapny Janus Cosmetics. In a desperate attempt to keep it, he had chemist make a product that burned the faces of several people who bought the product. Bruce Wayne would by the banrkrupt company. A angry Ronin donned a black mask, and started a life of crime. Besides Zsaasz and Black Mask, an old batman villain nicknamed false face is suppose to make an appearance.

Black Mask Has Been Revealed To Be The Villain In 'Birds Of Prey'

Season 2 of Batwoman is going to begin tonight!

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