Book Review: Montuak Monster by Hunter Shea

As I was gazing the reviews on good reads to find inspiration for this blog post, I spotted one blog post about a weird creature that washed ashore in 2008. It the creature looked like some sort deformed monstrosity that could have mish mash of creatures. It was as if it was made in one of the labs from the Jurassic World movie, and like that movie this monster is about to turn into anything but your brand new puppy dog.

Montauk Monster - Wikipedia

Hunter Shea book, Montuak Monster, takes this creature beyond just some dead thing that washed ashore. There are things washing ashore, but they’re anything but dead. Certain powerful people created the ultimate monster, and the residents of Montuak will soon discover the consequences of playing god and creating a new species of creature. The worst part, these creatures are designed to be a plague. A plague that will introduce the worst disease into the human population.

I love many of Shea other works. I loved reading Swamp Monster Massacre, Jersey Devil, and Slash. I own copies of Montuak Monster, Misfits, and Megaladon in Paradise. I read most of these and I am thinkg ” Wow, how are Slash and Montuak Monster not in movies, or at least streaming on Netflix!” I think some of his stuff would be more entertaining than Stephen King has out there.

There are two main characters in the story. Three if you count the monsters. Gray Dalton is a young state trooper, who investigation into two dead bodies on a beach that looked like they ha dbeen bathed in acid leads him to run into monsters attacking people all around Montuak. With the help of the other main character, Meredith, a cop put behind the desk permantly after becoming handicapped after her cruiser crashed into another vehicle. Their invesitgation leads them to Plum Island. Plum Island is housing dangerous experiments designed for war. All hell is going to break loose from this point on.

There are other characters that help add meat to the story. My personal favorite is Can Man, a freindly, homeless army vet who is just trying to survive once the outbreak hits. Than you got some partying college students, and the cast of a realty tv shoes focused on rich widows. Also FEMA and DARPA get involved. In the end, I would recommend this book to any gore hounds out there, or just as good , fast read.

[(The Montauk Monster)] [ By (author) Hunter Shea ] [June, 2014]

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