How Weird is Mars

Planets, they can be quite interesting. According to, they can be strange too. Mars might be on of the strangest planets out there. There is a part of mars that has a mixture of ice, water, and sand that has been trapped on the planet for eons. When you take a closure look there are interwoven channels that stretch for many kilometers.

One thing that has interest scientist since the 1990 is the geyser like features on mars is these things that act like geysers that spit out Carbon Dioxide. The fans of carbon dioxide are described as being a dark material. These fans blow in all sorts of directions, giving them spiderlike features. This is why they are known as araneiforms.

After studying images for many years, scientist have figured out how this all works. The key feature is dry ice. In the southern winters, Mars atmosphere freezes. This covers any water with dry ice. During the summer months, a ray of sunshine shines on the ice. Heat does not melt the frozen layer of carbon dioxide, but turns it from a solid into a gas. As the sun keeps heating the ice slab, gas builds up underneath it causing it to crack up. Gas starts to rush toward the surface, creating shallow channels in the ground. Once the gas reaches the surface, it blows like a geyser. It carries stuff with it like dust and sand. Prevailing winds blows the plume created by the geyser. When fall comes the process repeats itself. The channels underneath the surface grow deeper each year. The channels will merge, and connect the network of furrows all over the region. The same thing might be happening on Neptune moon Triton.

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