TV News: Titans Season 3

I just want to say that I love what DC does with some of its tv shows, and feel that right now all of DC small screen stuff is better than the movies. One show I would love to talk about is titans. Many of you may remember the Teen Titans animated series from Cartoon Network. Well the titans have now gone live action and are moving onto to Season 3 on HBO Max

The third season will see where the second season left off. Warning, there will be spoilers. Season 2 saw Jason Todd being framed for stuff he never did by Deathstroke, contemplating suicide, falling in love with Rose, and learning Rose involvement in Deathstroke plans. This has done some damage to the boy, and what kind of damage was done will be explored in season 3. Season 3 will see Jason Todd become his alternate identity Red Hood. We are also suppose to see Batman baddie Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrown is suppose to show up. Also cannot forget that Barbarra Gordon as Oracle will also be showing up. I don’t know what is going to happen, but Season 3 looks like it will be Titans best season yet! Maybe we’ll get a specialized appearance by batman, but that is just wishful thinking.

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