Movie Review: Monster Hunter

Videogame movies can be a real hit and miss. Sure you have recent films like Detective Pikachu, and Sonic. Than you have films like Dwayne Johnson version of Doom that where not so successfully. In my opinion the Monster Hunter movie falls in with the latter. I don’t really have a high opinion of this movie, besides it being a one time watch only movie. The trailer had me good and hyped for the film. The beggingining of the movie where we a ship sailing across an ocean made out of sand, only to be attacked by a giant, black, horned monster known as Diablo attacks the ship, leaving one of the main characters named characters, a monster hunter played by Tony Jaa stranded.

The film than cuts to Mila Jovovich as Captain Artemis, who leads a unit of soldiers on a resuce mission. The group comes across large stone tablets. A mysterious storm hits them, transporting them to the Monster Hunter World. In my opinion, this is where the whole film falls flat. Artemis team is picked off one by one in a horror movie like style, leaving Artemis the lone survivor. From there it is just the Hunter and Artemis working together to survive. The film has less of a plot and core story arc, and relies on action to move the film along. Ultimately, without a decent story this film ends up being more boring than the trailers makes anyone believe. While the film did have potential, that potential was never reached.

The one thing I can give the film credit for is Mila Jovovich portrayal of the bad ass Captain Artemis.

Monster Hunter Movie

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