Favorite Bigfoot Theme Media

When it comes to reading, movies, and tv shows one of my fascination have always been the Horror Thriller genre. One creature that I always felt like needed to get it’s due in movies. The legend of Bigfoot has been around for years. There have been over 400 sightings. There is something creepy about an unknown creature lurking out in the woods. Here are some of my favorite Bigfoot stories in media.


One of of my favorite series of books is Tale of Crypto Hunters, by Rick Gualteri. The adventures of Derek Jenners and his team as they fight cryptids gone rogue definitely gets my attention. Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t read the book, but don’t worry they are not that bad.

The book starting is pretty basic. You got a group of college students planning a night out in the woods for spring break. They go out to the woods, there is some signs that their is something out there such as mysteriously fallen trees, and red eyes in the night. All of this leads up to the first clash with one of the rogue sasquatches. This is only the first half of this novel! I seriously reccommend this to anyone who likes thrills and chills

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“They come at night”

That one quote will make you feel excited to read Michael Mcbride Snowblind II The Killing Ground. In the book, when a ranger finds a camera belonging to a group of missing college students the county sheriff rounds up a small search party to begin looking for clues that happened to the college students. As the group uncovers more clues, they begin to discover that there is something else in the woods. That something is hunting them all.


Abominable_movie_poster.jpg (266×374)

” Some things are better left unfound,” that is so true for all the characters in this movie. The film is about Preston Rogers, a man troubled by the death of his wife during a climbing accident that left him wheelchaired bound. Preston is sentenced to spend a couple of days in a cabin in the mountainside with his assigned nurse Otis, who is not overly excited to be going on the trip. Next door, a group of girls arrive for a bachelorette party. Preston begins noticing a creature lurking in the woods. It is just one gorefest from here on out.

I’ll admit, this is not a theatre worthy film. It is like one of those Syfy channel, low budget mosnter movies. The acting is subpar, and the sasquatch looks like a guy in a suit, and the guy has a hairy mustache. Otherwise, the best part of the movie is the plot itself, which I think makes up for how the monster looks. Not only do we have a monster in the woods, but Preston is trapped in his cabin because of him being in a wheelchair. Otis is no help because he is convinced that Preston is just seeing things. It is up to Preston to try and save everyone, while being bound to his own cabin.

Another lower budget film that deserves some praise for its plot, but could have done better on a bigger budget. The plot for embedded is good, but the same criticism I had for Ambominable go the same for this film. The film is about a journalist and his cameraman who follow a group of hunters into the backwoods to hunt what is believed to be a bear that may have killed a group of hunters. The group goes out there packing guns, and a weeks worth of food and camping gear. What they find is a bigfoot type of creature that they where not prepared to deal with. The character are picked off one by one at first because most of them seem to get randomly separated from the group.

While this film was not theatre worthy, it has its ups. The characters are at least smart enoguh to head into the woods in a decent size group, everyone packing firearms that would bring down a grizzly bear. They head out with food, tracking dogs, and they have a way of communicating with each other via hand held radio. So these guys where not completely defenseless, and had gone out prepared. That is more than you can say for most horror films with characters that hike out to the middle of now where. Overall I did enjoy this movies.

Exists_poster.jpg (1024×1024)

This one might have been the closest one on this list worthy of being a theatrically released film. Like the others on this list, it is the same thing. People go off into the woods, and find bigfoot. Hey, you can only be so creative with a monster that spends alot of time in the woods. Five students go on vacation to a relative cabin in the backwoods of Texas. On the way they hit an unidentifed animal. The students are unaware that this seemingly insignificant incident would attract the attention of a very angry Bigfoot living in the area. The bigfoot attacks the cabin, and disables the only vehicle the students had. Oh, and also no one knows they are at the cabin, with no cell service to call for help. It is an action packed film once you get through the boring first half, but hey you can just skip that part.

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